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Child’s Play

Posted by Ronak M Soni on October 21, 2009

This is one of my poems. All constructive criticism – why you like it and why you don’t – will be appreciated (I personally hate this poem, but I’m repeatedly told that it is my best piece of work and that’s why I decided that this would be the first one I posted). At the very least, please click on one of those little thumbs at the bottom of the post. Thanks.

They scatter as I approach –
Half in fright, half in mischief -,
And lovely:
Lovely in their antics,
Lovely in their wildness,
Lovely utterly in their true, utter, love,
And lovely in my need:
To catch them,
To tame them,
To use them in my Grand Plans,
To mould them . . .
Into works of art –
Plans established, and great,
Bits and pieces come, and lovely too,
But little else true -,
Poems and adults.

For words are like children,
And I’m bad with children.

One Response to “Child’s Play”

  1. S M Rana said

    It’s a really nice one, catching the elusive and miscievous nature of words—-exactly like naughty children.

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