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"I'm not really from outer space. I'm just mentally divergent."

Too good of a much thing

Posted by Ronak M Soni on November 23, 2009

All constructive criticism/clicking on thumbs will be appreciated.

Is it so maniacally important to you
That I exist?

Don’t you know
Shouldn’t you know –
That humour lies in the breaking of expectations?


10 Responses to “Too good of a much thing”

  1. S M Rana said

    Enigmatic. I would hesitate to hazard interpretation. Humour ofcourse lies in the unexpected, something bursting like a balloon…

  2. Ananth said

    If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you

  3. You mean:
    If you gaze for long
    Into an abyss,
    The abyss too
    Into you.

  4. S M Rana said

    You mean:

    Ronak said
    november twenty third
    please reply

  5. What
    Does that mean?

  6. S M Rana said


  7. OK, SM, you beat me at surrealism. I graciously admit it.

  8. S M Rana said


  9. S M Rana said

    Of course poetry is not to be explained, leastwise by the one who gives it birth, but just a bit of what you had in mind would not be misplaced ! The first para appears addressed to a close one..?

  10. It’s surrealist. Seriously, it’s only there to be weird, and hopefully weird enough to be funny.

    The clue is in the second stanza. The last line, to be exact.

    And, now I see what you were talking about all the while. Sorry, I just thought your comment didn’t have any possible reply. It seemed self-sufficient, you know.

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